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Porschia’s skillful coaching and intuitive style helped me with a key transition in my life and important decisions about my career.  Her approach is both insightful and supportive.  In only a few sessions, her laser-focused questions helped me to gain clarity on issues I had been struggling with for months.  Following the BRAVE Process made it easier for me to make my career transition smoothly and successfully.  I would highly recommend Porschia to anyone ready to soar with their life! ~ Vicki M.


Porschia enabled me to come up with a roadmap and strategies that work for me and she has been my constant cheerleader throughout the process.  More than that, her ability to listen and remember is her secret weapon to hold me accountable, keep me on track, and show that she hears all my ramblings and truly does care! ~ Kaitlyn S.


Porschia’s vision is much bigger than you and I.  The purpose she is serving to her clients and the world is to bring clarity to your dreams.  To help co-create a system and process to fulfill your needs and achieve your desires of success, happiness and abundance.  It’s not about the goals it’s about the process to get real results that Fly High Coaching delivers! ~ Anthony C., Motivational Speaker and Top Producer Sales Coach


The last four months working with Porschia have been transformational.  She listens deeply and asks the questions that allow big insights to surface. More importantly, she asks how I will use these new awarenesses in my life!  With her laser focus and big-picture thinking, I was able to prioritize which action steps to take and in what order.  I highly recommend Porschia to anyone looking for lasting results in their life.  She is the real deal. ~ Jill P.


After Porschia did my resume, I submitted it and got 3 job interviews the next week! ~ Don Q.


After just a few coaching sessions with Porschia I had a significantly better grasp on how patterns of thought and behavior were blocking me from moving forward in my life.  Over the course of the twelve weeks, there were often times where I felt stuck and in a stagnant place in my life, and together we explored different possibilities and ways of interpreting various events or situations.  I strongly urge anyone who is ready to go from living an ordinary to extraordinary existence to work with Porschia and benefit from an incredibly unique relationship. ~ Tara D.


Porschia has an inspirational, confident, relaxed, and encouraging style in coaching.  It only took me a short time in my first session to realize that “I am truly in a good hands.”  I was correct. Porschia became my guiding light through my dark path!  The strength, clarity, courage, and confidence I gained during a short time, turned into an anchor-point in my everyday life. ~ Fariba S.


I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with the results of the cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile provided to me.  It is 100% better than what I could ever imagine!  Thank you for updating my resume with the new corrections.  I am more than pleased and satisfied with what you have done. ~ Valencia S.


You did a great job, every personal contact I have had to look over my resume was impressed.  Thank you so much for your work.  I have no doubt it will help to open doors. ~ Gregory L.


Thank you for all of your help!  I’ll heed your advice for my company.  This was a very smooth process and I am grateful for your timeliness and professionalism.  I am very pleased with the end products and will absolutely recommend you to others. ~ Dave. W