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Career Services


Your career, family, and personal health all compete for your time.  How are you prioritizing tasks to make sure everything gets done?  

Career coaching helps executives and professionals navigate the working world while remaining balanced and focused on what YOU want.  Fly High Coaching helps you find your ideal career to generate an awesome income, and create a life you LOVE!  How would it be different with a career plan that encompassed everything you want?


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Business Support


For many people, their business is their livelihood and it effects their emotions, relationships, and well-being.  


Usually, when entrepreneurs are getting clients and customers they are happy and feel on top of the world.  But when their business isn't growing or performing well financially, they can feel stressed out or like failure.  Business coaching helps entrepreneurs thrive by providing support, accountability, and strategies to reach your goals.


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Corporate Solutions


Did you know that active disengagement of employees is costing organizations in the U.S. between $450 – $550 billion dollars annually?


When you also consider the fact that almost 70% of U.S. workers aren't engaged, it's easy to see that a lack of engagement is at the root of many problems such as: high employee turnover, reduced profitability, lower levels of customer service, and overall decreases of revenue.  


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