It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the close of a decade!  Fly High Coaching was established in 2013 and has transformed significantly since then.  We’ve assisted hundreds of clients in achieving their career and business goals through coaching, consulting, training, and professional writing services.  What changes have you gone through this decade?  Have you embarked on any major transitions?  What has stopped you from being successful throughout the 2010s?

I’ve taken some time to note what attitudes and actions have helped our clients create the best results.  I noticed many similarities and trends associated with the mindset of people who implement plans and strategies to get what they want.  We firmly believe that sharing is caring, so here are keys to client success in the 2010s and beyond!

Stop the Comparisons

Social Media has expanded exponentially within the last decade.  The onset of new platforms and the progression of “Social Media Influencers” have had a major impact on most executives and professionals.  When you log on to most platforms you are bombarded with the images, opinions, and accomplishments of others.  A common thought I hear from clients is, “I don’t feel like I’m doing enough.”  There is this belief that everyone else is up to “big things” and if you don’t have the right job title, income, or zip code you aren’t “living your best life.”  Our most successful clients have stopped comparing them selves to others.  They know that other people are out there competing with them on the job or in the business market, but they aren’t consumed by their “competition.” 

Gain Clarity

Do you know what you want?  This might sound like a silly question.  However, I’d estimate that at least half of our clients were initially unsure or were unclear about what they wanted to achieve.  Truly answering this question often requires you to dig a little deeper under the surface.  Are you pursuing things because your parents, family, friends, or partner think they are best for you?  One of the prime benefits to working with a certified coach is that they are unbiased and don’t have an agenda regarding your course of action.  This can be vital when exploring different avenues in your business or career.  What can you do to gain even more clarity when it comes to your personal/professional vision?

Get Real on What Works for You

Another by product of the digital age is the overwhelming amount of content we consume everyday.  According to a study by Asurion, the average American is on their phone 80 times a day! The majority of smart phone users aren’t using that time to talk.  Instead they are reading articles, watching videos, scrolling through social media profiles, or listening to audio/music.  During that period of content consumption, people are bombarded with all of the things “they should be doing.”  The truth is, what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.  Try some different tactics or strategies and customize them to find out what works for you.  Don’t feel pressured to follow someone’s system or formula, if it doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for.  Understand that you might get further using bits and pieces of established systems, or creating your own.

Focus Your Energy

Focusing your energy has been an instrumental part of our work with clients for a long timeA major reason why many people never scratch the surface of their potential is because their time, energy, and efforts are too dispersed.  They might be working on multiple professional certifications at once, or trying to get 2-3 businesses off of the ground in one year.  I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to limit yourself.  However, serious prioritization is required to actually get things completed and done well.  Without a set focus, executives and professionals are more likely to feel stressed and anxious.  What areas could you focus on to realize your vision?

Adapt Your Plan

Despite having the most well thought out plans, unforeseen circumstances and extraneous variables can come into play.  Adaptability is non-negotiable for professional success today. Companies like Blockbuster, Borders, and Payless are prime examples of businesses that didn’t adapt and closed within this decade.  How do you usually react when things don’t go according to plan?  Our clients who’ve been able to course-correct using logic, reason, and intuition are generally most satisfied.  Are you willing to move on to Plan B, C, or D if necessary?

As we begin 2020, you might have an idea of your New Year’s resolutions, but did you consider what fundamental mindsets you need to achieve those things?  Our most successful clients of the decade generally had a few things in common.  They stopped comparing themselves to others and gained clarity on what they wanted.  Also, our clients avoided the noise online and offline to get real on the specific tactics and strategies that worked for them.  In addition, those that focus their energy and have the ability to adapt their plans as needed, get enhanced results.  What key to success from the last decade is most important to you moving forward?


P.S. Do you want to talk about your 2020 vision?  Every month, I try to set aside some time for a few, complimentary Vision of Success Sessions.  Sign up here and we’ll get you scheduled!


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Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.
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