Welcome to a new year, a time for fresh starts and new beginnings!  Many students have made new year’s resolutions and plans for improvement this semester.  A sense of excitement for the unknown lingers around your schedule, classes, and projects.  It doesn’t take much for excitement and anticipation to shift to overwhelm.  It’s common to hear, “The semester just started and I’m already stressed out!”  College student coaching helps to manage stress levels, increase productivity, and avoid burnout.

The effects of stress can be physical, mental, and emotional.  Most students find it challenging to do their best work when they are stressed, anxious, or worried.  These feelings can dominate your thoughts, decreasing the ability to focus on your studies.  Do you find yourself constantly tired and irritable despite a normal sleeping routine and healthy eating habits?  Then you might want to take an honest look at the stress in your life.  If you are stressed out, answer these questions and start taking control of your situation.

How can I change my environment? 

What is your living situation like?  Are your roommates respectful of your space and study schedule?  Take strides to eliminate any chaos or uncomfortable situations.  A few simple choices like organizing your room, setting boundaries with roommates, and listening to calm study music can go a long way in establishing a productive environment.

What is draining my energy? 

Are there activities or people who are taking up way too much of your time?  If you end up feeling worse about your self after hanging out with certain people, do yourself a favor and let them go.  Prioritize your goals and desires; those who really care want you to be happy.  Take a hard look at the social activities on your calendar.  Consider dropping anything that zaps your energy or creates obstacles towards completing your studies.

What has to be done today? 

If you have a long to do list, and believe everything has to get done ASAP, you could be creating more stress for yourself.  Decide what the top tasks are and focus on those.  Prioritizing tasks around your values takes a mountain of pressure off of you and frees you up to be your best in this moment.

What leads me towards my goal? 

Most college students are doing so many things they believe they “should” do based on other people and outside ideas.  Try asking yourself, is this activity really moving me towards my goal or not.  In the event you find that you are abiding by others’ rules or on a path you haven’t chosen, take time to course-correct.


Its very common for college students to feel stressed out at the beginning of a new semester.  The change of routine and familiarity can cause overwhelm.  If you are feeling stressed, taking control of your situation and speaking with a friend, family member, or coach can help.  What has been the most impactful way for you to deal with stress? Need a way to get started on your success? Check out our Kick-Start Your Success course!

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Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.
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