Have you noticed a rise in employee burnout or turnover within your organization? Without providing more support and resources, you might set larger goals for your team without realizing it. This often leads to requests for team members to work more hours for the same pay which can create a stressful, hostile workplace. Recently, employee burnout has been noted as a crisis in the United States. A study by Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace found that 95% of human resource leaders admit employee burnout sabotaged employee retention, but they had not developed a solution to the issue.

Due to goals to remain competitive in their respective markets, modern technology, and workforce reorganizations, many companies regularly shift the responsibilities and roles of their employees. As a result of these shifts, many employees can be discouraged by losing a positive corporate culture, increased pressure, and a perceived lack of company vision. If you include the fact that many employees are forced to use outdated technology to reach their performance goals, this disillusionment can cause many professionals to quit their jobs. As a business owner, how can you improve the working environment to help your employees avoid burnout? Here are four tips you can implement to prevent employee burnout.

Keep Up Healthy Stress Levels

High-stress levels among working executives and professionals are a global epidemic. With the increased access to other organizations and people through the internet, many employees compare themselves to external colleagues and associates. Management teams can also determine how other companies are doing and implement similar programs and tactics. Ensure that you offer ways for your team to manage stress, as we’ve discussed.

Identify Your Workplace Challenges

Sit down and think about what obstacles your employees daily. What gets in the way of their success at work? Do you lack resources, time, support, or information for them to get things accomplished? Be sure about any other sources of stress that come up with frequency in the workplace. Your list can be as long as needed to get to the core of any issues they may be experiencing. You can even take it further and survey some team members to get their direct input. After completing your list, identify which factors you or your team leaders can resolve and create plans. Then, decide which aspects of stress you need to address.

Have an Honest Conversation With Your Employees

Now that you’ve gotten team stress level’s under control and have a clear idea about your company’s challenges, you can have an open and honest conversation with your team. During your dialogue, make sure to be objective and calm. You do not want to sound overly negative or hold a meeting where employees feel uncomfortable voicing their concerns. Address the resources you need to help your employees do their best work and listen to what your team says— allow them to present possible solutions to any requests they make.

Help Them Preserve Their Personal Life

The last factor in avoiding work-related burnout doesn’t involve your employee’s jobs. They need to continue to nurture their relationships with family and friends. Spending time with loved ones can help them relax and recharge away from work. Maintaining an exercise schedule is imperative to combating stress and employee burnout. You may consider offering some exercise benefits, such as collaborating with a local gym for a company discount or starting an employee fitness tracking group. When work happens, most people begin to ignore their family, health, and hobbies. If you can help them keep up with those other areas of their lives or encourage them, it’s easier to limit feelings of burnout.

Are your employees prepared to handle intense pressure at work? Employee burnout is a significant concern for professionals and organizations alike. Protecting your team members’ sanity can be done by maintaining healthy stress levels and identifying your workplace challenges. Talking directly to your team about concerns and problems while preserving the sanctity of personal lives can also help to prevent burnout. What can you do to ensure that your company won’t face employee burnout within the organization?


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Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.
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