There is a lot of discussion about millennial employees these days, since they will dominate the workforce in just a few years.  Companies have to take a hard look at their strategies for attracting and engaging these newcomers to their staff.  It’s not enough to label Millennials “lazy” and avoid hiring them.  If your company is serious about growth and being competitive in the marketplace, you need to ensure that millennial employees are working diligently for you.  You can get an understanding of the Millennial Mindset here.   

So what does it take to attract high-caliber young professionals?  In addition to having background knowledge specific to your industry, its best to have an engagement strategy targeting millennial employees.  Millennials are very different than previous generations, so it’s common to have breakdowns in communication leading to frustration on both sides.  I’ve condensed my research and experience to create this list of the top “3 Things You Need To Know About Millennial Employees.”  With this information your team can get the most productivity from Millennials and create a great working environment!

Embrace Technology

Companies are now tasked with creating a multi-generational, office environment that engages all employees, while keeping up with the latest technology.  Regardless of your industry, technology is a key factor in your organization’s development and human capital management.  Millennials embrace technology in all aspects of their lives, including their job search.  According to Snagajob, 71% of Millennials have used a mobile device during their job search and 57% have searched for jobs using social media.  In order to compete for top, young talent your company must be effectively utilizing technology.

Constant Collaborators

Collaboration is of high importance to Millennials.  It’s not enough to limit your communication to the occasional email.  Receiving useable feedback and having face-to-face conversations helps Millennials grow and improve.  In addition to loving technology, this generation likes the support of a group and a network.  Globalization has emphasized that more is possible when working together as opposed to operating in isolation.

Socially Conscious

Many Millennials grew up volunteering and being involved with social causes.  Their individual values could play a large role in determining how long to stay with their employer.  Millennials are often described as overly idealistic, but they tend to see it as being focused on the greater good and have a high sense of morality.  This becomes an issue when they notice a stark contrast between their values and their employer’s values. 


Now that you know more about millennial employees, how can you enhance your company’s engagement with them?  Having a plan that allows your organization to maximize the strengths of Millennials can also develop their leadership skills.  How can embracing millennial employees help your company thrive? Get started with your business coaching needs. Contact Fly High Coaching today for a FREE Vision of Success Session!


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Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.
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