What factors are most important when you are deciding your career? Are you looking to earn the highest salary possible? Do you want to take on new challenges at work? Do you want to be recognized for leaving a lasting impact on your community? Perhaps working for a large organization with a well-established reputation is your ideal. Regardless of your strongest motivation, figuring out how to choose a career is easier, knowing that there is a career path that can help you find fulfillment.

After receiving a degree in your field, there are many avenues you can investigate and pursue. Understanding which path to take and how to choose a career can be challenging for many professionals, whether they are just starting on how to choose a career or later in their career. Here are the benefits of different career paths!

Public Organizations

Many people want to work for publicly traded, large organizations. That is understandable as these companies are usually some of the most notable within their respective fields and industries. They might even hold a place on the Fortune 500 list. Some positives to choosing a career within a public organization include generally higher pay ranges, being aligned with a company with a good reputation, and being in a corporate environment with many resources. Many professionals also hold the common belief that having experience with a public organization “looks good on your resume.”

Private Companies

Private companies are also usually top-of-mind for professionals learning how to choose a career to offer exciting opportunities and competitive salaries. Many professionals find that a private company environment allows them to do meaningful and specialized work projects. Smaller private organizations can also cultivate a more personal, friendly environment where you do not feel like you are just an employee number within the staff.

Government Positions

Is job stability a deal-breaking factor for you? If so, government work might be one of your best options when deciding how to choose a career. Nearly everywhere you look, you will see large companies laying off employees and going through reorganizations. These types of massive restructuring efforts are far less common within government positions. Also, choosing a career with the government allows you to see your work’s direct impact in the local, state, or national communities.

Staying in Academia While Working Corporate

Focusing on research and teaching are two areas that many professionals find themselves drawn to. In the academic environment, you can motivate and inspire students daily. After developing valuable experience and critical research skills, some academics plan to choose a career in a more corporate setting. This transition usually can allow them to make more money and be involved in projects with more practical applications for consumers.

Start Your Own Company

Embracing entrepreneurship and striking out on your own is another avenue that some professionals consider. They may have a cutting-edge idea that is not being capitalized on in the markets. Or an entrepreneur may see a way to improve upon a service or product. Starting your own business or company can be a risk, but it’s hard to find another option to have the same amount of control, flexibility, and freedom over your career. Self-employment also allows you to have a choice over the subject matter you focus on.

Need help with how to choose a career? How much thought have you put towards your career path? Have you been intentional about what work you’ve done and the type of environment you’ve been in? Many professionals are passive when figuring out how to choose a career and do not think about the essential aspects. There are distinct benefits to choosing a career with public companies, private organizations, government, academia, and starting your own company. Based on your preferences and goals, which career path do you think is best for you?


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Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.
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